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A.A.’s Twelve Well-Springs

All A.A.’s Ideas Were Borrowed, said Bill W.


By Dick B.

A.A. History, Alcoholics Anonymous History, A.A. History

Early in its founding years, A.A.’s co-founder Bill Wilson put the torch to the idea that A.A. sprang from just one source. He said frankly that nobody invented A.A. He said all its ideas were borrowed. And Dr. Bob broadened the source picture by pointing out that all the basic ideas came from the Pioneers’ study of the Bible.

Unfortunately, neither co-founder put in writing in one place all the well-springs that produced the streams in A.A. Consequently commentators, both favorable to and critical of A.A. have had a field day with discussions of our roots. Most of them have a number of erroneous concepts so embedded in their historical approaches that they just never tell it like it is or like it was. Those who don’t like the Bible say that we left it behind in Akron. Those who don’t like the Oxford Group say that it taught us more about what not to do than what to do. And those who don’t like either the Bible or the Oxford Group have tried to quiet the waters by diverting the stream. They say A.A. is “spiritual, but not religious” even though any well-informed historian, scholar, clergyman, and semanticist would probably ask: “And what’s the difference?” Nobody really knows, but the distinction without a difference leaves many in a peaceful atheistic no man’s land (finish the article).



New Study Groups
Going Gangbusters

The Rapid Growth of Groups To Date
God either is, or He isn’t.

By Dick B.

In the past two or three years, a number of individuals, groups, and meetings have established Good Book/Big Book, Good Book/12 Step, A.A. Roots Revival, A.A. History, The James Club studying the links and origins of early A.A. These have included Bible study, Big Book study, 12 Step study, Early A.A. history studies, Reading the literature of early AAs, and reviewing the impact on A.A. of other roots—Anne Smith’s Journal, Dr. Bob’s Library, the Oxford Group life-changing program, the teachings of Rev. Sam Shoemaker, Quiet Time, Silkworth, Jung, James, Peabody, and New Thought writers

Most of the groups floundered for a time, not knowing where to start, what to use, or what was permissible. Some wondered what A.A. would think. Some wondered what their church would think. But once it was made clear that there is no “conference dis-approved” literature, that it was OK to study the very things our founders studied, that it was kosher to do the very things our founders did and to read their pamphlets, real progress was made. Most of the groups are just getting started and learning, but several have grown from small to large in a short time (finish the article).

A.A. Conference Approved Myths

A Good Start on and Old Subject

By Dick B.

We begin with the following much-needed article from “Pete’s Stuff.” It incorporates the long-ignored Box 459 article that GSO has told at least one seeker that it couldn't find the material. If you want to see an excellent and much longer discussion of this subject, go to the Hindsfoot Foundation site where Professor Glenn Chesnut lays all of this “Conference Approved” problem in terms of its real importance.

I receive questions about this all the time; and people at conferences, Central Offices, and meetings are confronted with the "conference approved" nonsense with great frequency. Any AA can read anything any time anywhere for any purpose inside or outside of A.A. And that includes comic books and computer manuals. There is no Tradition that says otherwise. There is no Tradition that can or should or will censor or "censure" what is presented at a meeting, whether in discussion or by reading or by literature on a table. And if someone thinks he’s found the mythical tradition, tell him the fact and then tell him the Traditions are not laws, are not binding on anyone, and were never intended to prohibit free speech or freedom of religion by AAs or others. That includes what we read, what we hear, what we say, what we study, and what we pass along to others. Those who suggest otherwise just don't know A.A. Nor do they seem to know that early Alcoholics Anonymous was a Christian Fellowship, studied the King James Version of the Bible, read all kinds of literature--Protestant, Roman Catholic, New Thought, medical, and otherwise, and put out reams and reams of pamphlets and guides as the years went by. The pamphlets included those from many Central Offices and Intergroups--including the long-running Cleveland Central Bulletin, the four Akron AA pamphlets, and the Four Absolutes booklet available even today. You’ll find that many of these materials, including a host of recovery materials from Hazelden and elsewhere are sold by A.A. offices
(finish the article).


By Dick B.


Suggestions for an Important, Essential Element: A.A.’s Christian History and Bible Roots

  • Did you know that early A.A. in Akron was a Christian Fellowship?

  • Did you know that its basic ideas came from study of the Bible?

  • Did you know that its meetings were called “old fashioned prayer meetings”

  • Did you know its principles and practices derived from the United Christian Endeavor Society?

  • Did you know that the Book of James, the Sermon on the Mount, and 1 Corinthians 13 were considered “absolutely essential” to the program?

  • Did you know that the pioneers achieved a 75% to 93% success rate—which they properly called “cures”—as the result of their program?

  • Do you agree that a knowledge of these facts strengthens and buttresses any Christian Track or Christian Recovery or Christian 12-Step or Christ-centered Recovery Program
    (finish the article)?

Here’s a Way to Jump-Start and Supplement

Your Own Program

  • Add to the knowledge, experience, and expertise of your counselors, facilitators, sponsors, and directors.

  • Add a segment to your program that informs students, newcomers, patients, and clients about A.A.’s Christian origins, history, pioneer program, and successes.

  • Take advantage of our 16 years of research on the history of early A.A.’s Christian Fellowship, Program, and Practices.

  • Arm yourself, your staff, and clients with:

  • (1) A REFERENCE SET they can consult for facts and further study.

  • (2) ONE OR MORE OF OUR BASIC TITLES on A.A.’s history, program, and cures.

  • (3) USE A PORTION OF YOUR PROGRAM to tell others what simply cannot be learned elsewhere in the either twelve-step literature or the secular recovery arena.

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AA History Bookstore - Alcoholics Anonymous History

A.A. History Bookstore


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